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Browser Buttons

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 April, 2009

Browser Buttons
These should work on any mozilla browser, just drag and drop them into your bookmarks or toolbar. Either click on them, or highlight something on the page and click them and they will search the appropriate site.

Google Search

Dictionary Search

Theasaurus Search

IMDB Search

Trademe Search

MySQL Search

PHP Manual Search

NZ License Plates Search

Wises Search

Wikipedia Search

WLUG Search

PriceSpy Search

1. Select the ‘Manage Bookmarks’ option under your browser’s ‘Bookmarks’ menu. Find the ‘Personal Toolbar Folder’ at the top.

2. Place your mouse pointer on any of the text links below and drag the link to your ‘Personal Toolbar Folder’. (You may have to re-position the browser and bookmarks windows to view both.)

3. To rename the button, highlight the current name within the ‘Personal Toolbar Folder’, select the ‘Properties’ option under the ‘Edit’ menu, and type in a new name.

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