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Kopete – Setting up google talk

Posted by on Tuesday, 7 April, 2009

Was hard to find the info on how to setup kopete with google talk
To start, open up kopete.
Click on Settings
Click on ‘Configure Kopete ..’

This brings up a dialogbox which has all your accounts on it.
Click ‘New’ then the ‘Next’ button.

Select the Jabber protocol, then click ‘Next’

Use your current gmail address for username (aka Jabber ID)
Then click on the ‘Connection’ tab.
Now make sure all the checkboxes are selected. They are.
‘Use protocol encryption SSL’
‘Allow Plain text authentication’
‘Override default server information’

Now into the server box type in

Then click Next. Now click Finish.
It should then ask you your password if you didnt already enter it and save it.

If you have an error message regarding SSL or TLS not being installed you can install the package qca-tls.

Bingo, it works.
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Posted by on Tuesday, 7 April, 2009

Kdar – backup utility.

Kdar is difficult to load into a Debian (linux) system as you get “cannot find X include” when you compile the source code. After many tries to get the “X include” files and place the X includes in the PATH I found a new way. I found a repository with the deb file.

<>choose this file
and after download,
right click the file and choose install with “Kpackage”.
It will be installed in /usr/bin/kdar.
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Posted by on Tuesday, 7 April, 2009

Now you can play the classic Monopoly boardgame with other players over the internet, for free, from your Linux computer.

Step 1: Install either Atlantik (if you prefer KDE) or GtkAtlantic (if you prefer gnome). Please note that the windows port dosn’t work, but come on people – were supposed to be using Linux here :p

Step 2: When asked for a server, put in with port 1234.
If there is noone waiting for a game, create one and tell your mates to come and play.

If you want to find someone to play with come and ask us on IRC (#nzlinux on undernet). Last-Modified: 2007-03-07 19:38:50