Upgrading Virtualmin GPL to Virtualmin Pro Centos bug fix

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Virtualmin is a fantastic piece of software which allows the not-so-techy run a full hosting server nicely, however I’ve come accross a bug that seems to happen mostly in Centos 5 when trying to upgrade and you happened to have used the rpm to install

This is how you do it.

Login to Virtualmin. Click on System Settings . Click on “Upgrade to Virtualmin Pro” and enter your serial number etc.

Now if you get the following error

Failed to upgrade to Virtualmin Pro : No Virtualmin GPL repository was found in /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo

Put this into /etc/yum.repos.d/virtualmin.repo

name=Red Hat Enterprise $releasever - $basearch - Virtualmin

name=Virtualmin Distribution Neutral

Then try again. It should all go well now for you and be able to update.

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  1. Craig

    Haha a female computer specialist – that’s a laugh!

  2. Almost as funny as guys too scared to post with their own details, clearly the concept scares you. Perhaps you need counciling for the lack of confidence you have in your manhood, clearly you seem to feel threatened that a female may know more than you.

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