Linux TV Adverts Are FAIL

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Well, So apparently people are up in arms about the contest entrants for the Linux Foundation contest to produce a TV advert for Linux.

Zdnet even have an article on how FAIL some of the entries are. Whilst appealing to Linux users, they dont explain what Linux is in any way, They just go on to to emphisize the geekyness and cliqueness of us all.

Perhaps the problem could be related to the fact that not all Linux users can do video editing? I could probably come up with a better idea but not likely to be able to film and make it to well.

Perhaps this have been done perhaps by larger groups of Linux users and Filmographers alike so we get the best of both worlds? Even get a couple of Marketing gurus in would be a nice touch. Those IBM adverts we had a few years ago used to be excellent for Linux.

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  1. brickviking

    Love the ad, but it doesn’t tell Granny what Linux is. Yup. FAIL. Still, this is from a few years back, and I’m about to go look at the current entries, if I can.

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